Monthly Wash Club

Feel good all the time Joining our Miracle Makers Club and save money by getting more of what you want for less! Get Unlimited washes by Joining our Miracle Makers Club and use any location we have for one low price!

Platinum Wash

Single Wash
$34.99wash club membership

Gold Wash

Single Wash
$29.99wash club membership

Silver Wash

Single Wash
$24.99wash club membership

Bronze Wash

Single Wash
$19.99wash club membership


Super Presoak icon

Super Presoak

Immerse your vehicle in a bath that provides a deep clean!
Tri-Foam icon


Triple Foam Conditioner enhances color while breaking up dirt and debris. Also, it lubricates your vehicle for the gentle removal of road grime.
Bug Spray icon

Bug Spray

Loosen the bugs up and protect the paint with our Bug Prep.
Underbody Wash icon

Under Body Wash

Prevent dirt and grime from rusting the undercarriage of your vehicle.
Razberry Clear Coat icon

Razberry Clear Coat

Our sealant protects your clear coat against UV damage, dirt, and color fade while giving your car that glazed look.
Spot Free Rinse icon

Spot Free Rinse

A rinsing waterfall that prepares your vehicle for the ultimate seal!
Tire Gloss icon

Tire Gloss

Keep your tires looking new with a premium “wet” look that lasts longer and doesn’t sling up on the side of your vehicle.
Wheel Washer icon

Wheel Washer

Keep your wheels looking like they just rolled out of the dealership with a patented micro-coating technology that prevents unsightly brake dust buildup.
Shammy Shine icon

Shammy Shine

Enhance the clean and shine of all surfaces on your vehicle!
Foam Bath icon

Foam Bath

Our foam bath not only removes dirt and grime but also adds a protective layer to your car’s paint, leaving it looking shiny and new!
Xtreme Shine with Carnauba icon

Xtreme Shine

A layer of high-quality carnauba wax that protects and shines!
Rain Shield Total Surface Sealant icon

Rain Shield

Outsmart the elements with this water-beading glass application.
basic dry icon

Basic Dry

basic wash icon

Basic Wash

The Trinity

Miracle Car Wash Perks

Infused Towels

Miracle Car Wash offers towels infused with Glass Cleaner and our proprietary formula to offer a streak-free shine on your glass & mirrors every time.

Strongest Vacs

Miracle offers the strongest vacs anywhere. We have invested in the best to leave your interior spotless.

Mat Washers

Miracle has the highest quality mat washers available anywhere… rubber mats, carpet mats, it makes no difference – one time through the mat washer and they come out fantastic!